Our Staff

Our staff work with commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to ensure the children learn in engaging and creative ways. 

Many have a variety of responsibilities and would be happy to discuss these with you, should you wish to do so.

Leadership Team

Mr. G. Hind - Headteacher • Child Protection Officer • Educational Visits Co-ordinator [EVC]

Mrs. P. Mills - Deputy Headteacher • Pastoral Initiatives Leader • Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Subject Leader

Mr. N. Tayler - Assistant Headteacher • PPA Teacher • Mental Health Leader • Growth Mindset Leader • Citizenship and Careers Subject Leader 

Mrs. J. Bell - EYFS Leader • Reception Class Teacher • EYFS Curriculum

Mrs Le Page - Key Stage 1 Leader • Year 2 Class Teacher • Drama Subject Leader 

Mrs. J. Radwell - SENCO •  Inclusion Champion  • Year 3 Class Teacher • Music Subject Leader  

Miss. J. Melniks - Key Stage 2 Leader • English Subject Leader • Year 6 Class Teacher

Teaching Staff

Miss S. Barneby - Reception Class Teacher • Physical Health Support Teacher for KS1 

Mrs. E. Dorrian - Reception Class Teacher • Outdoor Learning Leader 

Mrs. S. Thomson - Reception Class Teacher 

Miss A. Salmon - Year 1 Class Teacher • Library Support Teacher for KS1 

Mrs. E. Bowen - Year 1 Class Teacher • Outdoor Learning Leader 

Miss A Higgins - Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss. A. Le Tissier - Year 2 Class Teacher • PSHE Subject Leader 

Miss A. Le Moigne - Year 2 Class Teacher • Wellbeing Support Teacher 

Mrs. V. Joyce - Year 3 Class Teacher • Playleader Support Teacher

Ms. J. Roberts - Year 3 Class Teacher

Mr. M. Walter - Year 4 Class Teacher • ICT Subject Leader 

Miss. E. Reilly - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs. L. McKane - Year 4 Class Teacher • Geography and History Subject Leader 

Mrs K. Jones - Year 5 Class Teacher • Physical Health and Wellbeing Subject Leader 

Mr. R. Gallienne - Year 5 Class Teacher • Maths and Financial Literacy Subject Leader 

Mrs H. Le Poidevin - Year 5 Class Teacher • Art and Design Technology Subject Leader 

Mrs. K. Walter - Year 6 Class Teacher • Science Subject Leader 

Mrs. L. Watchman  - Year 6 Class Teacher • Library Support Teacher for KS2 

Mrs D. Relph - PPA Teacher

Mr. S. Eulenkamp - PPA Teacher

Mr. N. Tayler - PPA Teacher

Mrs. R. Whitmore - PPA Teacher

School Staff

Mrs. S. DeGaris - School Administrative Assistant

Mrs. J. Fallaize - School Administrative Assistant

Mrs. P. FallaLearning Support Assistant

Mrs. N. Harrison - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. E. O'Reilly - Learning Support Assistant

Miss C. Broome - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. K. Vaudin - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. K. Girard - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. C. Duquemin - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. C. Hinchliffe - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. A. Le Tocq - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. A. BakerLunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. C. SheppardLunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs. J. FallaizeLunchtime Supervisor

Mr. D. Ozanne - Site Supervisor

Mr. P. Prilaux - Assistant Site Supervisor

Mrs. C. Marquis - Cleaner


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