The School Day

The School Day

Children should arrive in school no more than twenty minutes before the start of school in the mornings – from 8.30am onwards in juniors and 8.40am in infants.

You may want your child to go home for lunch. If they do, they should return ten minutes before school in the afternoon. No child is to leave the school premises during school hours without being collected by a parent or carer from the administration office.


08.50am - Registration 

09.00am - Assembly

09.15am - First teaching session

10.45am - Break time

11.00am - Second teaching session

11.55am - Lunchtime

12.55pm - Registration

01.00pm - Third teaching session

02.00pm - Break time

02.10pm - Fourth teaching session

03.15pm - End of the school day


09.00am - Registration

09.10am - First teaching session

10.25am - Break time

10.40am - Second teaching session

12.00pm - Lunchtime

01.15pm - Registration

01.20pm - Third teaching session

02.00pm - Fourth teaching session

02.45pm - Assembly

03.05pm - End of the school day


Children should bring a healthy packed lunch each day with a still drink. The children are supervised and not allowed to the leave school premises. The Education Department cannot be held responsible for any child who breaks this rule and leaves without permission. Children who persistently misbehave at lunchtime will not be allowed to stay at school for lunch. Parents will be informed before this action is taken.


Children should not cycle to school without permission. In Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to train for and take their Cycling Proficiency Test and may cycle to school while training. Any child who does not take the Cycling Proficiency Test may not cycle to school. There is a designated cycle park at school but it must be stressed that bicycles are left at school at the owner’s risk. A second cycle store is currently being planned - more details of this will follow soon.

School Bus

A free school bus covers Victoria Avenue, Vale Road and Route Militaire. Further information can be obtained from the School Secretary. A condition of children travelling on the bus is their good behaviour. They should remain seated throughout the journey, show respect to the driver and not make undue noise. Children may be excluded from the bus for misbehaviour.

If you require any further details or have any questions about the above, please contact the school directly via phone, email or letter. Alternatively, come into school and speak to one of our members of staff.

01481 756032 01481 756034

Vale Primary School, Belval Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5LN